May-19 – Olympic Distance Triathlon – Athletes Briefing

The following is being planned for every athlete

1. Finishers Medal
2. T Shirt
3. Post race breakfast
4. High quality transition area
5. Route support
6. Photographs


Prize Money – Total Rs. 1 lac+

1st Prize – Rs. 25000
2nd Prize – Rs 20000
3rd Prize – Rs. 15000
4th Prize – Rs. 10000
5th Prize – Rs 9000
6th Prize – Rs. 8000
7th Prize – Rs. 7000
8th Prize – Rs. 6000
9th Prize – Rs. 5000
10th Prize – Rs. 4000

Sequence of events

  1. Volunteers arrive at 4:45 AM in front of Balewadi Pool.
  2. Participants arrive at 5:00 AM. Before arriving if you have not studied the biking route then take rest. Please park on the main parking lot at the entrance and walk from there with your bikes. Please
  3. Participants mark your attendance.  Put your bib on the bike. Put Bike on Bike rack. There is only one bib.  Put Transition stuff on the box. Get bib number marked on shoulder and arm. Make sure bottles for Biking hydration are full of water/enerzal whatever you drink and are on the bike. Proceed to pool deck
  4. 5:15 Athletes briefing on pool deck– Most important points are – Circle Swim(stick to right lane). Overtake from middle. 1 hour cutoff for swimming. Dont slip on pool deck. Mount the bike at bike Mount point only which is going to be about 40 feet from the bike rack. Be safe Biking on the highway. Points where you need to be supremely careful are Hinjewadi Chowk, going from left and under the tunnel at expressway entrance. Left at T point (15 km mark), 16 km mark there is a temple on the left where people gather on sunday morning, very careful here, Left most lane at Toll plaza, go straight to the intersection, go to the top of the hill and U turn. (20 km mark). While coming back very careful at 25 km mark right turn30 km express way cars coming from left and behind you. And dont forget to take the Baner/Balewadi exit at 39 kms and come under the tunnel to take a right and come back to Balewadi pool
  5. Biking cutoff is 2 hour 30 minutes from start.
  6. Dismount from the bike at bike dismount point only. Proceed to hang your bike on bike rack and then switch to Running gear quickly and proceed to run start
  7. Run start will be clearly marked. Run is 1.25 km going and 1.25 km coming back or a loop of 2.5 kms. Do this 4 times. Enerzal, water, bananas and oranges will be at One station only that you will cross at  0,2.5,5,7.5 and 10 km.
  8. Once you complete, please enjoy taking pictures against a backdrop and enjoy your cpost race snack.
  9. Bikes can be taken only starting 11 AM. 
  10. Safety measures 


  1. An emergency contact number is printed on the bib. Call that in case of any emergency. (Not if you have run out of water 🙂 )
  2. There are vehicles posted at 5, 10, 15 and 20 km mark. If you have met with a minor accident then call the emergency number, tell you bib number, we will come to help you. Get your own puncture repair kit as much as possible. We will not have that handy.
  3. All vehicles will have First aid kits.  
  4. There will be an ambulance on the biking route.
  5. There will be volunteers at 20km, 15km,Expressway tunnel, Hinjewadi crossing, Balewadi Exit points. But you still need to be supremely careful about traffic.
  6. In case of an emergency – Aditya Birla Emergency is the nearest one.

+91-20-30717777 / 020-40707777

+91-20-30717653 / 40707653


Its very easy not to litter. Make sure your bike has two bottles of water or your energy drink pre filled while you put them on the rack. That way you will not need any help on the bike route.

On run route, we will put a trash can and will expect you to either carry the enerzal or water in your hand or put in the trash can.

My request is after you finish, please scan the run route once and pick any trashed bottles and put them in the trash bag. It will be really helpful


There are men and women rest rooms in the pool deck.



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