Swimming Proficiency

Background The purpose of this program is to introduce basic concepts of swimming, different strokes, efficiency in swimming, techniques and drills and boost overall fitness. You will learn and put into practice dry land training for strength, core, flexibility and cardio exercises and apply that to swimming.   Swimming Proficiency Program Our ‘Swimming proficiency’ program […]

Ironman 70.3 Vichy 2016 – Race Report

Why? Firstly, what is an Ironman 70.3? ‘Ironman’ is a brand of a triathlon events, which take place all over the world. An Ironman (full) consists of 3.8kms of swimming followed by 180kms of cycling followed by 42kms of running – all to be finished within a certain cut-off time (typically 16-17hours). The ‘Ironman 70.3’ in […]

Key elements of preparing for a long distance Triathlon! (With learnings from Vichy 70.3)

There are six elements to master for completing a long distance triathlon strongly in my view Technique Technique Technique Equipment Endurance Nutrition Technique – Extremely important and often ignored or not given as much importance Equipment – Very important to invest in the right equipment especially for the bike part. Makes a huge difference.  Endurance […]