Race-day Nutrition plan for 70.3

21 to 42k – 2016 version 4 (Printable Version – Click here)

Most important points

a. No solid food during the race. Banana is ok. Gels mostly.
b. Water per hour – No more than 800 ml of fluids. Even for a hot day.
c. Electrolytes (Salt) per hour – Atleast 350mg/hour of electrolytes on the bike and run, especially in the heat.
d. Carbs per hour – 60 (250 calories) to 90g(350 calories) of carbs max per hour. No more.
1. Banana has 100 calories or 27g of carbs.
2. Gu Gel Rocktane has 100 calories or 21g carbs (of which 6 grams sugar), 180 mg Electrolytes
3. Rrunn has 956 mg of electrolytes per capsule.
4. Coke has 20 grams of carb or sugar in 100 ml. So in 500 ml it has 100 mg of carbs. Plus caffeine.
5. One bread plus butter plus jam has 27g carbs plus electrolytes.

Step by Step Plan

From 4 AM to 6 AM – Once – One banana, Two pieces of bread butter jam and 250 ml of water.

6:30 AMOne Gu gel Roctane + 100 ml water if needed

7:00 AM – Swim start
7:35 AM – One Banana in T1 –  Plus 250 ml water if needed or less water.

From 8 AM to 10:30 AM – Every 30 minutes –
one Gu gel Roctane(6 total) and 150 ml of water (or less) and 100 ml of coke11 AMOne Banana in T2 plus 100 ml of coke or waterFrom 11:30 to 1 PM – Every 30 minutes –  One Gu Gel Roctane (Total 4) + 150 ml of water or 100 ml of cokeRrunn salt tab only if needed. If you feel any tingle or cramp.
Post Run
If possible then Milk + Turmeric. Econorm – Probiotic.
Check for GI Distress signs and change accordingly. Semi solid food or liquid food – Rice, curd. Lots of protein.
Icing at the end,
One day later
 Check for GI Distress signs and change accordingly.
 Eat normally. Bread, Butter, Jam – 2
 Protein shake

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