Which Triathlon-Watch/Smartwatch/Fitness-watch do I buy??

One of the most asked questions in the Tri community! I have been delaying this post for a long long time, and thanks to Anirban’s push to write a blog about this topic, here it is finally!   Some disclaimers before I start: This post contains my opinions only, and other’s opinions may differ. People […]

Ironman 70.3 Vichy 2016 – Race Report

Why? Firstly, what is an Ironman 70.3? ‘Ironman’ is a brand of a triathlon events, which take place all over the world. An Ironman (full)┬áconsists of 3.8kms of swimming followed by 180kms of cycling followed by 42kms of running – all to be finished within a certain cut-off time (typically 16-17hours). The ‘Ironman 70.3’ in […]