Lessons learnt from Standford Running Camp – July 2017

Best bud had the opportunity to attend a running camp and I wanted to share the learning from that camp for my own benefit and everyone else’s.

To put things in perspective, this was the cross country camp. Meaning a 5k! They have about 35 staff members, 15 of which are coaches and the rest are runners from Stanford. There are counselors, coaches and runners who are world class. John Oliver (Head coach), Grant Fisher 3:59 mile in high school (13:30 for a 5k), Top 7 in world in female hammer throw, American under 19 decathlon record holder, woman doing 14:25 5 etc

Lessons Learnt

1. Do your running in a group where people are better than you. If you run by yourself or in a group where you are fastest, then very difficult to improve.
2. Leg Strength and Core Strength are key.
3. Number of days running – 6 days a week. Gradually increase (John Oliver)
4. Two sessions a day so that strength session does not interfere with running session ever.
5. Confidence – Fake it until you make it.
6. Coach – Find a coach. Connection with the coach is supremely important.
7. Process is the goal. Make sure you have a great process in place
8. Focus on what you are doing even while racing..like focus on form…whether you are doing everything right (Grant Fisher) instead of worrying about whether you are coming last!!!
9. Lots of stretching at the end of your runs. 20-30 minutes
10. Progression runs. (Grant Fisher on how he moved from 19 min 5k to 17 min 5k. His best is 13:30)
11. Intervals – 6 by 800 – 4:50 per mile pace is an example of interval run.
12. Many such interval runs but mostly longer distances like 800 metres, 1k, 2k..and not as much 300 or 400 metres.Because 300 or 400 metre intervals are done to teach your body how to finish faster. And you need to first overall get faster and then learn how to finish faster.
13. Tempo runs – 2 to 3 a week. And not all out tempo. Tempo has to be of different effort level. (Grant Fisher on how he got from 19 min 5k to 17 min. His best is 13:30)
14. Long run – 7-10 Miles run is a long run for a 5K. Or 60 minutes on a hill that rivals Oxford.

Let me know if there is any feedback or questions.

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