Which Triathlon-Watch/Smartwatch/Fitness-watch do I buy??

One of the most asked questions in the Tri community! I have been delaying this post for a long long time, and thanks to Anirban’s push to write a blog about this topic, here it is finally!   Some disclaimers before I start: This post contains my opinions only, and other’s opinions may differ. People […]

Going from 70.3 to 140.6 – 10 months plan – Target Zurich Ironman July 30th, 2017

Technique plan – Plan for recovery days – Do these in rotation  Rest day – Get a Massage strength and flexibilty  Yoga/stretches Leg strength and core Upper body and core Cycling Technique Cycle with Cleats and Aerobars on flat roads – These must be short rides 10 to 30 kms Running Technique Hill runs – […]

Swimming Proficiency

Background The purpose of this program is to introduce basic concepts of swimming, different strokes, efficiency in swimming, techniques and drills and boost overall fitness. You will learn and put into practice dry land training for strength, core, flexibility and cardio exercises and apply that to swimming.   Swimming Proficiency Program Our ‘Swimming proficiency’ program […]